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Released: 31st July 2015.

One Direction - Drag Me DownIt's been a busy 12 months for One Direction, with their sold-out world tour, Zayn Malik's departure from the band, and Louis Tomlinson allegedly becoming a father. It almost begs the question, where have they found time to record another album and start the launch of their lead single.

Appropriately titled "Drag Me Down", their new single is already more engaging than anything from their previous album, 'Four'. "Drag Me Down" sees the band do a U-turn into more upbeat pop territory, which has not been seen since their 2013 single "Best Song Ever", and it is surely a welcomed return to form. The foursome have returned to the sound that rocketed them to superstardom, while also adding in some Maroon 5-esque beats.

All in all, the song has the replay value to make you wonder if you even miss Zayn that much anymore as this song proves the band has adapted and moved on giving the confidence to Directioners everywhere that nothing can drag their favourite boys down.

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