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Released: 15th June 2015.

Mika - No Place in HeavenMika's first album in almost three years, 'No Place in Heaven' sees the eclectic pop star with his most intimate-to-date songwriting, and marks a return to the 'Life in Cartoon Motion' and 'The Boy Who Knew Too Much' magic that this record's predecessor, 'The Origin of Love', lacked.

The overriding lyrical theme here is Mika's coming to terms with his sexuality. "All She Wants" is a catchy little tune that reveals his mother's less-than-PFLAG-worthy reaction to his coming out, the title track involves Mika reconciling his Catholic upbringing with his being gay and the uncertain post-living future that awaits his soul, "Good Guys" speaks to the star's discontentment with the dearth of LGBT representation in the entertainment industry, and "Promiseland", like the title track, also addresses the topic of religion, this time with Mika expressing frustration with the sense of fulfilment he would have been promised by traversing a good, honest Christian path, which has eluded him.

The entire album isn't about his struggles with his sexuality. Track one, the infectiously delightful "Talk About You", details an innocent, goofy sort of infatuation that the singer-songwriter can't keep to himself, and "Last Party", billed as an homage to Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, is a melancholic ballad that serves as an ode to one final shindig.

Taken as a whole, 'No Place in Heaven' is a solid return to the brand of pop music that sent the Lebanese-born singer hurtling to stratospheric success in his early career. Whilst this album is quite unlikely to ignite a similar commercial reaction from the general public, fans who were turned off by his last album should be pleased with this album. It's Mika at his most honest and most raw, with that uncanny ability to transform on-paper depressing songs to uplifting anthems of courage, love, and solidarity.

* * * * (JSparksFan)

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