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Released: 7th March 2011.

Avril Lavigne - Goodbye LullabyAfter a four-year hiatus, Avril released her fourth studio album 'Goodbye Lullaby'.

In comparison to her previous releases, this CD is more stripped down and has more acoustic sounds, perhaps best highlighted by tracks such as "Darlin'" or "4 Real". There are only two songs that don't fit into the sound of the album, but overall it's a really good record. Songs like "Not Enough" or "Push" sound more like the old Avril.

In this album she shows a more mature and honest side of herself. In beautiful ballads like "Remember When" or "Goodbye" she shows how raw and emotional her voice can be.

Overall, it's a really good and consistent album. I would recommend it to everyone who loves a good voice, acoustic songs, and raw ballads with lots of emotions.

* * * * * (GypsyHeart)

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