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Released: 6th November 2015.

Ellie Goulding - DeliriumThree years on from the haunting, colossal soundscape of 'Halcyon', Ellie Goulding returns with 'Delirium' - a self-described 'experiment' in making a big blockbuster pop album.

With a startling 25 tracks on the deluxe edition, 'Delirium' is certainly big! But, unfortunately, it is too often quantity over quality - tracks like "Codes" and "Don't Need Nobody" are pure filler, and get lost in between the pulsing beats and dramatic production of tracks like "On My Mind" and "Devotion".

That's not to say, however, that 'Delirium' doesn't have its finer moments - Goulding delivers on "Army", a sweet ode to best friend, Hannah, and flies high on "Aftertaste", a catchy bop reminiscing a former flame.

Often, 'Delirium' shines when it flirts with the sounds of Goulding's past work: the ambient "Intro" would sound more at home on 'Halcyon', and "Lost & Found" echoes the quirky indie-pop of "Lights".

Goulding has tried hard to create a colossal pop album accessible to all audiences, but the end result is something inoffensive and middle-of-the-road - and, ironically, her least experimental album to date.

* * * (thankfulforkelly)

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