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Released: 20th November 2015.

Adele - 25Over four years since her record-breaking, blockbuster album '21', Adele has graced our ears once again with '25'. Even though it has been such a long time since the vocal powerhouse has given us a full length album, there is something invitingly familiar about '25', yet it doesn't bore the listener as it treads into new artistic territory as well.

While '21' probably has more standout songs that managed to work commercially, '25' is far more cohesive and has a stronger collection of songs overall than its predecessor, and while there is less new ground broken than you would expect in a four-year gap, Adele has managed to do what she does best and deliver another melancholy heartbreak album that we will all be playing throughout the festive season and beyond.

* * * * (SG1401)

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