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Released: 12th February 2016.

Lissie - My Wild West”Maybe it's time that I was leaving“ is the opening line of American folk/pop singer-songwriter Lissie's latest album. The song to which it belongs is called “Hollywood”, and the album ‘My Wild West’. Why such titles?

After flirting with pop on her first two major-label albums, but not achieving quite the success she perhaps should have, Lissie seems to be fed up with the desires for Hollywood success. Gone are the 80s pop influences, which almost completely took over her underperforming sophomore album. Instead, ‘My Wild West’ sees the singer return to her folk roots.

The recurring themes on this album are the inner struggles and reflections of loss, disappointment, solitude, a search for purpose, fresh beginnings, and moving on, which fit perfectly with the imagery and symbolism of the Wild West. Musically, the album is Lissie’s most cohesive and organic yet, and there are few potential hits: considering this is her first self-released album, these are all more evidence of the singer abandoning her old views and tendencies.

On ‘My Wild West’, Lissie sings about the fears of getting lost and going astray in life and art. However, listening to this album, one can only conclude that she has found herself and made her best album so far.

* * * * * (mrlemonade)

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