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Released: 23rd February 2016.

Taylor Swift - New RomanticsThe seventh, and likely final, single from Taylor Swift's enormously successful '1989' record is deluxe edition gem and fan favourite "New Romantics".

The song's lyrics, delivered in half-spoken, half-sung fashion, speak to the general disregard with which the present generation treat relationships and love. Discarded are the fairytale "Love Story"-esque romances that were yesteryear's standard, replaced instead by fleeting supernova affairs. As ominous as the tone of the verses may be, the mood shifts during each chorus break, transitioning to a grand explosion of synthpop greatness.

"New Romantics" is equal parts accurate social commentary and carefree pure pop anthem. Hopefully, mainstream radio and the general public will embrace this to a similar extent as its '1989' predecessors.

* * * * * (JSparksFan)

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