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Released: 17th June 2016.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - The GetawayThis is definitely one of the most hyped, but best comebacks this year. The Red Hot Chili Peppers made a dynamic combination with Danger Mouse who produced every song on the album, showing not only why he is one of the most sought-after producers, but also his versatility when it comes to making records. The album also features a composition by Elton John, as a writer and pianist, on the song "Sick Love". Unlike previous records, producer Rick Rubin is not featured on this record, which is for the best.

The lead single, "Dark Necessities", is definitely the best record on the album and a great choice as a lead single. Quality-wise, it's followed closely by the titles "The Getaway", the unheard truth and yet-to-be-defined "Encore", the funky "Go Robot", and rock ballad "The Longest Wave". On the second row, tracks such as the jam "Goodbye Angels", the funky rock-infused "We Turn Red", pop tune "Sick Love", psychedelic rock on "Feasting on the Flowers" and another rock ballad title "The Hunter" take a seat. Finally, some songs that could have been left off the album - they even sound out of place - include the alternative rock sons "This Ticonderoga" and "Detroit", and the harsh punk "Dreams of a Samurai".

All in all, 'The Getaway' is definitely worth a purchase or, at the very least these days, a stream for old times' sake.

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