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Released: 29th February 2016.

Yuna - Crush (feat. Usher)Released as the lead single from Yuna's third international studio record 'Chapters', "Crush" is an effortlessly smooth R&B jam brought to life by minimalist production; gentle, half-whispered vocals; and a kind of doe-eyed optimism of the prospect of a great new romance.

The song features a valuable verse from one of the R&B genre's heavyweights, Usher, but the less heralded Yuna does well to hold her own here, with her sweet voice vividly emulating the heart-fluttering innocence of the lyrical content. (Interestingly enough, "Crush" would sound right at home slotted after "Climax" on a record). Ultimately, the song's at its best when the two join forces on the third verse and the final chorus.

As random a collaboration as this is, it's essentially a simple song that works brilliantly (proving that less can indeed be more). Hopefully, "Crush" generates the recognition Yuna's talent deserves, and puts Usher back in the spotlight.

* * * * * (JSparksFan)

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