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Released: 9th September 2016.

M.I.A. - AIMThree years since her release of 'Matangi', M.I.A. returns with a vengeance.

The album opens up with the powerful "Borders", which is accompanied by one of the most controversial music videos in recent years. M.I.A. does not hold back with mixing political issues into her songs. Songs like "Ali R U Ok", "Go Off", and "Bird Song" prove how versatile and eclectic her sound truly is.

After a long battle with her record label, and this being her final release on Interscope Records, 'AIM' proves worth the wait and worth the hassle as it clearly stands out as one of the best albums of 2016. Highlights include "Talk", "Bird Song", "Ali R U Ok", "Go Off", and "Fredun". Dive into the wonderful world of M.I.A. with this wonderful release.

* * * * (nas4life123)

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