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Released: 17th February 2016.

gnash - I Hate U, I Love U"I Hate U, I Love U" is a song by American performer gnash featuring singer Olivia O'Brien. The two of them are the songwriters, with the former handling the production. The single was first released on Soundcloud, where it started to gain traction and attention.

The lyrics address the subject of a love lost when both partners still miss each other, with one of the parties being able to move on while the other is still stuck in the relationship. The lyrics also make reference to "Dammit" by Blink-182.

The record starts with a minimal piano riff accompanied by O'Brien's vocals singing the chorus, followed by gnash's vocals where he alternates between rapping and singing as drums make a soft appearance.

This song was only able to reach the top ten inside the United States, but across the rest of the world was a major success, and a deserved one at that, in sales, radio, and streaming platforms.

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