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Released: 9th March 2016.

Alexandra Stan - AlestaThe third studio album by Romanian singer Alexandra Stan is 'Alesta'. Alexandra's past works released after her 2011-2012 era have been pretty underrated, with them reaching mediocre positions on record charts or even missing the charts entirely.

However, this record looks like it's going to be a success in Italy, strongly promoted there by her frequent labels EGO Records and Vae Victis. After it has just debuted within the top 80 on the iTunes charts there, it has drastically climbed, soaring as high as the top 10 of the albums chart. In Japan, an alternative version of 'Alesta' peaked at #34.

This album is pretty much created for bopping in clubs around the world, like the singer confessed in a recent interview with a Japanese magazine. It incorporates several genres, such as europop, reggaeton ("I Did It, Mama!"), latin-pop ("We Wanna"), Arabic traditional music ("Ecoute" and "La Fuega"), deep house ("Alone"), and even R&B ("Boom Pow"). Sadly, some songs are simply destroyed by their title ("Coco Banana"), their cheap production ("La Fuega"), and their cheap collaborations ("9 Lives"). The use of autotune is prevalent on both "Balans" and "Ecoute", where Stan's voice drastically changes from one pitch to another.

The best songs on the album are "I Did It, Mama!", "Balans", "Alone" and "Boom Pow". There is an ample supply of catchy and danceable material on this record, so whilst not a perfect LP, it's certainly worthy of a recommendation.

* * * * (StanLover)

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