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Released: 11th November 2016.

Fergie - Life Goes OnAlthough Fergie released her new song "Life Goes On" already in November 2016, its music video premiered recently, but obviously did not help the single to attain success on worldwide charts.

The song begins with Fergie's nearly spoken singing backed by acoustic guitar, with the track changing from a pop-rap song into a tropical house number around the :40 minute mark. Although the singer's vocals and the production are awesome, they somehow don't fit together. The refrain is then followed by a cheap vocal loop, which rather sounds like you try to make a house track out of Mickey Mouse's voice.

The same is subsequently repeated, following which the recording's breakdown is played. The song turns again into a pop-rap track before ending the same way it began. As aforementioned, "Life Goes On" is pretty passable, and brings nothing new to the Fergie we know, if it's not even worse than her past material.

* * * (StanLover)

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