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Released: 12th January 2017.

Alexandra Stan - 9 LivesRomanian pop princess Alexandra Stan released the music video for "9 Lives", the sixth single from her third studio album "Alesta" (2016), on 12 January 2017. It features collaborative vocals from Bulgarian rapper Jahmmi, commonly known as Jahmmi Youth. The accompanying clip mainly features a black-haired Stan performing to the recording at a park and at a seaport in Constanta, Romania, her native city. It incorporates some cool effects and a Miley Cyrus-esque scene, where the singer is licking a metal chain.

"9 Lives" is a dance-pop and R&B song, which features a motivating message and encourages the listener to never give up their dreams. It starts with drums and an addictive vocal loop, followed by Jahmmi introducing Stan and a catchy saxophone loop. For the strophes, the singer uses some Italian-language words to further emphasize the track's street vibe. While in the refrain she states that she's "got nine lives" and that she "[does not] think twice", the single mainly continues the same way, with Jahmmi's rap verse being played near the 2:20 minute mark.

"9 Lives" has big chances to become a big hit, or at least a top 40 success in Europe. This would also help the rapper to became more known internationally. The singer made her worldwide chart debut with "Mr. Saxobeat" (2011), and has since only attained notable chart positions in Eastern Europe and Japan.

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