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Released: 7th November 1995.

Whitney Houston - Exhale (Shoop Shoop)Whitney Houston shot to superstardom off the back of glorious vocal acrobatics that attested to her skill as one of the all-time greatest technical interpreters of song, but on "Exhale (Shoop Shoop)", Houston reins in the bombast, opting instead for a conversational tone as she teaches a lesson about love that she sounds all-too-familiar with. There's a simplicity and candor that makes "Exhale" one of the most appealing tracks in the divine diva's discography, and even now, half a decade removed from her premature passing, it serves as a reminder of the infinitely gifted talent we lost, an artist whose ability to infuse a lyric with genuine emotion remains unparalleled.

Rest in peace, Nippy, but long live that voice.

* * * * * (JSparksFan)

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