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Released: 18th October 2013.

Katy Perry - PrismI can only review 'Prism' from a personal and rather biased perspective rather than a cold-eyed and impartial point of view. I got the album on Spotify in 2014 after deciding to see what all the fuss was about over Miss Katy Perry. Already massively successful from her previous album and single releases, all reaching number one in most parts of the world, I didn't realise just how impressed I was going to be. I was aware of some of the singles released previously that I had heard by chance that I had neither loved nor hated at the time, but otherwise I was waiting to be impressed.

And I really was. Although the subtlety of context with regards to her relationship at the time was lost on me, it became apparent that 'Prism' was like a mini double-LP, 'Prism' the singles and 'Prism' the personal and rather poignant document of a troubled time.

I loved "This Is How We Do It" immediately, the pure poppiness and hook-laden nature of it appealed immensely. The other singles, especially "Roar" and "Dark Horse" wormed their way into my affection via the music videos available on my Virgin Media + cable TV subscription and Spotify. However, the deeper rewards of the more introspective part of 'Prism' such as "Choose Your Battles" and "By the Grace of God" revealed themselves more gradually, and were ultimately deemed by me as the longer draw to keep listening. "Choose Your Battles" in particular still remains a savage yet beautiful example of songwriting - and was helped along by lighter tracks such as "Birthday" and the more upbeat "Spiritual".

All in all, 'Prism' isn't pop fluff to be taken lightly - nor is it all particularly easy listening for the faint of heart.

Both immediately pleasing and also a long-termer in its poppy sensibilities and serious song craft, 'Prism' is still worth taking the time and very little effort of getting to know.

* * * * * (damagedproduct)

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