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Released: 7th April 2017.

The Chainsmokers - Memories...Do Not OpenGrammy winners The Chainsmokers decided to release their debut album and they should have kept to the EPs. After listening to the singles "Paris" and "Something Just Like This", and even the promotional single "The One", one can only be impressed and hopeful for a big debut album. However, expectations are not met and disappointment is a harsh reality.

From the beginning, with "The One" being above average on this album, nothing stands out from its mediocrity until "Something Just Like This" and later on, with "Paris". "It Won't Kill Ya" and Break Up Every Night" are almost decent, but the deep electronic sound in their choruses ruin them. "Young" is an acoustic song that ends as an EDM beat and it is another "almost," but it reaches a point where it begins to be too repetitive.

With a Japanese deluxe edition including "Closer", "Don't Let Me Down" and "Roses" one can only grateful for them to make the album better. In some tracks, a conversation trying to be funny is held between The Chainsmokers and the singers; what is its purpose?

The composition of this album doesn't include big names, but Coldplay with songwriting credits, as only themselves and DJ Swivel produced the entire album. Some songwriters were already featured in the previous two EPs and vocals of some songs. Nevertheless, there was some production assistance in two tracks "Break Up Every Night" by Captain Cuts (Walk the Moon's "Shut Up and Dance") and "Bloodstream", with a helping hand by KIN and Mac & Phil.

All in all, this critic feels that the formula of "Closer" is used in most tracks excessively to a point of almost unbearable redundancy, but, as the saying goes "If ain't broke, don't fix it". However, this record is beyond repair.

* * (frrr)

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