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Released: 16th June 2017.

Cardi B - Bodak YellowOne of the breakthrough stars of 2017, Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" sees the former 'Love & Hip Hop: New York' star storm out of the gates with a multitude of warning shots fired at her critics and detractors. And just what does she use to lace her ammunition? Her rags-to-riches climb to the "hottest in the street" new female emcee.

Cardi B emphasises several messages throughout "Bodak Yellow," particularly: her work ethic, the fruits of said work ethic, her unparalleled 'bawseness,' and her man-napping skills (of which some of her detractors and critics should be wary). Brought to life by the one-man production squad of Houston-based producer J. White, even the club-raising trap beats are subordinated to back-up role as Cardi B's confident, uniquely-flavoured, melody-conscious flow takes centre stage. She moves from verse to verse, delivering fiery lyric after fiery lyric, without loss of energy or fervour.

As prognosticators are tipping "Bodak Yellow" to top the US Hot 100 chart in the coming weeks, Cardi B sits on the brink of history as potentially the very first solo female hip/hop star to reach the apex of the US charts with an actual hip/hop track. Here's to hoping that whether or not that milestone is achieved, Cardi B's star shines for many more years.

* * * * * (JSparksFan)

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