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Released: 3rd December 1984.

Wham! - Last ChristmasOne of the few modern pop Christmas songs that can go toe-to-toe with centuries-old holiday hymns, "Last Christmas," this year, 12 months removed from the passing of songwriter, producer, and lead vocalist George Michael, is saturated with emotional nostalgia.

Interestingly enough, the emotional nostalgia is a close match to the song's lyrical content. On "Last Christmas," the protagonist wistfully laments about a failed relationship initiated the previous Christmas season. However, as a fresh December 25 looms, he bravely takes another stab at love - perhaps with the same knife with which he was assaulted in the back - with plans to give his heart to "someone special".

Despite the sombre vocals and lyrics narrating heartbreak, the silver lining message within "Last Christmas" is a two-fold instructional manual on how we might perhaps best cope with lingering, unhealed wounds from the year; the ever-bleak state of affairs of local and global politics; and even the death of one of the great UK music legends - with a wizened perspective that terrible things in life do indeed occur, but also an optimistic spirit that a bleak period in life does not equate with life, in its totality, being a bleak experience.

So, this Christmas, love freely, give selflessly, and cherish every waking day as a new opportunity to live life as the very best version of ourselves. I suspect Georgie would want us to do it no other way.

* * * * (JSparksFan)

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