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Released: 23rd February 2018.

Janelle Monáe - Make Me FeelIt’s been a long drought for Janelle Monáe fans who have had to sustain themselves on occasional drops of brilliance such as a feature on Grimes’s "Venus Fly", or as part of the 'Hidden Figures' soundtrack. After five years of amplified thirst, Janelle released two tracks in anticipation of her album entitled 'Dirty Computer'. One track is the delightful "Django Jane", but the more quenching Prince-splashed "Make Me Feel" seems to have caught most of the buzz.

The song is an anthem for sexual fluidity – from the coyness of the opening line to the double entendre “sexual bender” in the pre-chorus. The song all builds to a explosive bridge – "Good God! She can’t help it" – as if to cast away any social restriction on who she can shag on that shag carpet. The video compounds the message.

Janelle has made a name for herself as an actress, and it’s clear she has taken lessons from her movie-making experience to heart. She has delivered compelling art – in one pivotal scene she runs back and forth between a man and a woman before they all come together for a grind.

Lyrics aside, the song is powered by some pretty retro Prince vibes, but she somehow manages to incorporate sounds that are novel and interesting. The bouncy spring and blocky tick-tock of the intro, the wall of synth, and even the directions she takes her voice – all components of a thoroughly enjoyable return.

* * * * * (cheapthrills)

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