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Released: 5th October 2018.

Mario - Dancing ShadowsAlmost 10 years after his last album 'D.N.A.' (2009), Mario is back with his fifth album 'Dancing Shadows', after several delays and cancelled albums in between and label drops. Jake Gosling, Ed Sheeran's former right hand and go-to producer, along with Mario himself are the main composers, with a couple of newcomers sprinkled throughout.

The album is full of smooth R&B vocals merged with electronic beats. The lead single "Drowning", which impacted urban AC, is quite good for a comeback; however, he never tops his 2004 hit single "Let Me Love You". The title track "Dancing Shadows" was released as the second single. The track "Goes Like That" premiered a day before the album release. Moreover, "What You Started" is a fun and enjoyable song that is worth a listen as well as "Care for You", a beautiful and powerful ballad towards the end of the album. The lyrics address love, cheating, and much more.

All in all, the record is your barely above-average R&B album. Mario has done much better in the past, but this album might be the step needed for releasing projects with more consistency and better ones since he has been out of the game for almost 10 years.

* * * (frrr)

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