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Released: 5th October 2018.

Twenty One Pilots - TrenchAfter the success found with their latest album due to the crossover hits "Stressed Out" and "Ride", as well as the single "Heathens" taken from the Suicide Squad soundtrack, the expectations were high for the duo.

To begin with, the album tells the story of a conceptual world of 'Trench', created by Joseph, and revolving around a city named Dema ruled by nine 'Bishops', which are presented to us on the single "Nico and the Niners". The track "Banditos" showcases a group trying to liberate the citizens of Dema. I would like to highlight the last track, "Leave the City" that regards losing faith, which reflects on Joseph's struggles with his Christian belief and the struggle on mental health.

Lyrically it reflects themes of their previous works, such as insecurity, faith, suicide, and mental health. Musically, it incorporates various genres such as alternative rock, reggae, and rap-rock, with elements of jazz and R&B in the mix. It seems like Joseph created this world as a way of controlling something as he is involved in an ongoing battle with mental illness that is out of his grasp.

All in all, the album doesn't have top 40 singles off the bat like "Stressed Out" or "Ride"; however, all the tracks show great consistency and outstanding songwriting. Skip the tracks "Smithereens" and "Cut My Lip" as they are not in the same league as the rest of the album

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