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Released: 2nd November 2018.

Inna - RaFully written in Spanish as the lead single for Inna's upcoming sixth studio album 'Yo', "Ra" is based on a simple, Latin-pop rhythm. As the song goes on, new and interesting sounds are added to its instrumentation. Several words Inna sings throughout the track end with "ra", which she vocally emphasises by repeating and amplifying the syllable. For the chorus, Inna repeats the phrase "Yo mejor me voy" ("I better go") as an unbelievably catchy, air-filled flute sound is accompanying her.

Lyrically, Inna speaks about escaping a toxic relationship and not accepting favours that her ex-lover does for her in order to get her back. This feminist message is also showcased in the track's low-budget, but effective accompanying music video, where Inna—in an incredibly serious manner—poses with several beautiful girls in front of a planter wall. Musically, "Ra" can be categorised in the Latin genre, and is heavily influenced by gypsy music. Some parts feel inspired by Romanian folklore.

"Ra" may be a risky release, but it is something new compared to her previous, EDM-filled, and club-ready work. It is definitely a piece of artistic work from Inna and a banger for the right ears. On 'Yo', Inna has for the first time taken creative control over her work, and we are so proud of her! "Ra" may even see some success in Latin countries, but it probably isn't designed to become an international hit. But that's what good artists do; they experiment with new stuff all the time!

* * * * * (StanLover)

This release uses copy protection, and might not play on all current or future equipment.

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