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Released: 4th October 2018.

Mariah Carey - With YouIt's been four years since the 'Elusive Chanteuse' released a studio album, and, following the promotional teaser track "GTFO", Mariah Carey launches one of the most powerful missiles of her post-90s catalogue, with her official lead single, "With You".

'It was all so overwhelming', opens Mariah on this extraordinary tender, nakedly vulnerable ballad. Narrating the tale of a relationship marked by doubt and insecurities, intense public scrutiny, imperfections, unforecasted storms and a litany of other uncertainties, and highlighted by nostalgic lyrical references to Usher's 2004 'Confessions' and the star's own 1998 "Breakdown", Carey declares a singular, unshakable truth - her love and devotion to her partner.

"With You" is without elaborate runs or hair-raising belts. It's simple but powerful and effective storytelling, backdropped against an addictive piano melody and a modern finger-snap beat. It's a case of Mariah the songwriter taking precedence over Mariah the vocalist, and the result is the Songbird Supreme's most potent single release since 2005's "We Belong Together". It sets the stage brilliantly for her November 16 release of 'Caution'.

* * * * * (JSparksFan)

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