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Released: 9th November 2018.

Imagine Dragons - Origins'Origins' is the fourth studio album by Imagine Dragons and the follow up to 'Evolve', released last year. Most of the production of both albums was done by Mattman & Robin, along with Alex da Kid, and Jayson DeZuzio.

The album kicks off with "Natural", which was chosen as the lead single, and what a song! It has everything you could want in an ID song! Dan Reynolds's voice can go in any range and the production is top-notch. It had some chart success, but it didn't last long on the local and international charts. The second single, "Zero", from the soundtrack 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' marks their second production with John Hill and despite being repetitive (as half of the songs on the album are), it is quite catchy. Other tracks worth mentioning include "Bad Liar", which describes the divorce that Reynolds went through and is co-penned by his ex-wife Aja Volkman. "Cool Out" is a refreshing song, and the deluxe version has some songs that are worth a listen.

Nevertheless, there are some tracks that should not have left the studio, such as "Digital", as it sounds like something terrible that the Chainsmokers would do. "Machine" is beyond awful. The other songs on this album don't stand out as possible singles; they are quite average from the production to the songwriting. Moreover, the mix of this album is not perfect with Dan's voice sounding drowned in synths and drums, and can be found every now and then on the background of some tracks.

Overall, the album is an improvement on their last project, mainly on their songwriting skills, but not by much. Perhaps if they took another year improving on this album they could have something that wouldn't have been panned by music critics.

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