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Released: 18th November 2002.

Even though she's most definitely not "Just Jenny from the block" as she claims in this song, J-Lo's new record is admittedly a very catchy little number, and the samples from Herbie Mann, KRS One and the Beatnuts succeed in making it a little fresher. Her vocals are a little stronger than before, but they're far from amazing. The rap version with Jadakiss and Styles fills the void that the non-rap version of the song creates. All the same, J-Lo should find herself with a ninth Top 5 hit next week.

* * * * (Paul Matthews)

J-Lo has long been tarred by the diva brush, and to put a stop to it, she releases a hip-hop single that focuses on how normal she is. This concept for most will be laughable, but it doesn't stop this being incredibly catchy. Although Jen is still doing herself no favours with weak vocals and using a load of old samples to cut a track, this single will have mass appeal, and it sounds great in the clubs. Very simple, but certainly does the trick.

* * * * (CJB)

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