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Released: 9th December 2002.

Pink - Family PortraitThe ever-unique Pink with a song that isn't perhaps the strongest from "Missundaztood", but its melancholy tone is fitting for the season in many ways. "Family Portrait" is still a strong, catchy tune that is different from anything she has released to date. As usual, the song is straight from the heart, and Pink's traditional spiky and jagged delivery is particularly effective here. It won't match the No. 1 success of "Just Like A Pill", but should safely make the Top 10 at least.

* * * * (Paul Matthews)

Oh dear, what happened to Pink? She's transformed herself from a cool, hip-hop chick to a moody bore. This track lacks anything exciting, featuring her usual cigarette-stained voice, and is her worst single so far. The eerie children's voices make the song sound even more grumpy, and apparently this biographical track made her mum cry when she heard it - I'm surprised she could stomach the first verse to get as far as the end! It's enough to put you right off your Christmas pudding!

* (SholasBoy)

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