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Released: 16th December 2002.

Love Inc are Jamaican born Chris Sheppard and vocalist Simone Denny. Despite being relatively unknown over here, they're very successful in Canada where they've had four No. 1 hits and a platinum album. This track, "You're A Superstar", has been big on the club scene for some time and is reminiscent of the mid-90s classic "Dreamer" by Livin' Joy. This would have been No. 1 if released in January, but because of the Popstars Rivals, it's probably going to have to settle for the Top 5. It's still a monster though.

* * * * (Ben Cook)

Yet another new dance act with yet another weird name who will no doubt introduce us to a new female singer on every single record they do. With beats to rival (yes, this Christmas is all about rivals) the Vengaboys' dodgy tracks, and a lead singer who sounds suspiciously like OnePhatDiva's, it will probably be the dance tune of this Christmas.

* * (Twixy)

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