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Released: 6th January 2003.

Electric Six - Danger! High VoltageSo this is what Jack White of The White Stripes does in his spare time. A very nice garage rock song with a beat-based guitar riff. The video is rather surreal, featuring a middle-aged man and an old woman kissing, with parts of their anatomy lighting up. Quite original in the overly loud, depressive world of garage rock, and even features a nice guitar solo and an even nicer saxophone solo. Definitely one to listen to, if only for the rather strange lyrics such as "Fire in the disco, fire in the taco bell!"

* * * * (Craig MacDonald)

First reaction to hearing this song was "What?!". Second time I heard this song I thought, "Well, it takes a disco bassline, guitar with distortion, quirky vocals and bizarre humour, mixes it up, sets it on fire and expects it to work." But it doesn't. At all. Bloodhound Gang have done this sort of thing before and made it listenable and enjoyable. Why can't Electric Six be more like them? That would be great. And If I hear this song for a third time? I'll stick my hands in toasters and club myself to sleep.

* (Ryan King)

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