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Released: 5th June 2000.

Whitney's solo version of this song was excellent, her vocals bringing it to life perfectly. When joined by George Michael, however, her voice sounds even better. It's not that George sounds bad on this track, but compared to Ms Houston, he doesn't sound quite as good. He does try his best though, and the result is a great duet. OK, so it probably won't be remembered as one of those classic duets in a few years' time, but it should still be a huge hit.

* * * * (DS)

Originally from Whitney's hugely successful "My Love Is Your Love" album, "If I Told You That" has been re-recorded to feature George Michael. It's OK, but why couldn't Whitney leave the collaborations alone and stick with the far superior album version? George's voice is good, but it doesn't quite suit this fast R&B song. A collaboration with someone like Craig David would have been better, but never mind.

* * * * (David Lucas)

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