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Released: 13th January 2003.

Rosie Ribbons - A Little BitHaving stalled slightly at No. 12 with her last hit "Blink", the Welsh Pop Idol finalist Rosie Ribbons is aiming for the Top 10 with this, her second single. Technically it's a cover, as it was a minor hit in the States for Jessica Simpson in 2001 - but Rosie has written several tracks that will appear on her debut album "Misbehaving", released later this month. "A Little Bit" shows she is firmly in the R&B genre, hoping it will set her apart from her other Pop Idol rivals. This catchy song shows off her unique, sophisticated vocals, and hopefully will be the track that launches her career.

* * * * (Ben Cook)

The second reality TV show contestant of the week is another former Pop Idol, Rosie Ribbons. With Rosie, they had a winning formula, but quite how "Blink" failed to make the Top 10 must surely be down to sheer bad luck. We're out of the Christmas silly season on the charts now, so this one should do a bit better. It's another Britney-esque pop tune that's had a fair amount of exposure. Rosie may not as big a name as Zoë, but she could provide one of the week's biggest upsets.

* * * * (matthew_dixon)

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