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Released: 5th June 2000.

The third single from this pretty standard boy band should give them their first big hit. This time the lads opt for a 70s soul, Earth, Wind And Fire style track which sounds quite refreshing. Not much thought has gone into the lyrics and the vocals aren't anything special, but the feel-good factor alone makes this one a winner. Definitely worth a listen!

* * * * (CJB)

You may remember this boy band's previous singles, though the chances are you'll have forgotten them by now. This relatively weak track isn't likely to change that, since they've come at a time when most of us are sick of the boy band explosion. To be honest, they don't particularly stand out against the others, and just blend into the background. The tune is average, but the vocals are OK, and although they appear to have some talent, it just isn't enough.

* * (DS)

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