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Released: 24th February 2003.

Christina Aguilera - BeautifulChristina is one of the hottest girls in music at the moment, and when she keeps releasing songs as good as this, it's easy to see why. "Beautiful" could not be any more different to "Dirrty" if it tried. This ballad is quite simply beautiful, and sounds like a response to all the press who criticise her constantly. Her vocals have matured since her debut album, and they excel in this song. A couple of years ago, Christina was considered not as good as Britney. 2003, and the tables have turned. Britney who?

* * * * * (Dazzle)

The second single off Christina's sophomore effort 'Stripped' is a slow ballad full of heartwarming emotions. Supported by an outstanding music video, the Linda Perry-penned song became an anthem of inner beauty and love in the years since its release in late 2002/early 2003.

It's surely one of Christina's most iconic and successful hit singles, as well as her signature ballad.

* * * * * (MrDiva)

Christina can be criticised for her attitude, her 'diva-ness' and her over-use of sex appeal (remember the video for "Dirrty"), but it's undeniable that she has talent, which she proves yet again in this relevant and beautiful ballad. Her powerful voice is used to great effect here, and has definitely improved from "Genie In A Bottle". However, as incredible as "Beautiful" sounds initially, it somehow loses this quite quickly. Still, it's a sure-fire fourth chart topper for her.

* * * * (Paul Matthews)

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