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Released: 17th March 2003.

Richard X Vs Liberty X - Being NobodyLiberty X have teamed up with the man behind the Sugababes' "Freak Like Me", and what a great collaboration it's turned out to be. "Being Nobody" makes use of the lyrics from Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody" and the music from The Human League's "Being Boiled". It's one of the best songs of 2003 so far and has a good chance of reaching No. 1. It's pure pop perfection with a twist of R&B - one of the best ever Liberty X singles!

* * * * * (Martin P)

The Sugababes' bootleg "Freak Like Me" from last year worked incredibly well, so it's not surprising that other bands are jumping on the bandwagon. Liberty X's reworking of Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody" to the backing of Human League's "Being Boiled" works, but it fails to capture the vibrancy of the originals. "Being Nobody" is a very catchy tune though, and vocally, Liberty X do a worthy version.

* * * * (Paul Matthews)

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