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Released: 24th March 2003.

Mariah Carey feat. Cam'ron - Boy (I Need You)The second release from Mariah's "Charmbracelet" album is this brilliant R&B collaboration, which samples last year's "Oh Boy" by Cam'ron and features the rapper himself. It's far and away one of her best R&B tracks thus far, and with steady airplay and the awesome video on rotation, Mariah looks set to better her last single's chart position and blast into the Top 5!

* * * * * (Muzikritik)

After the promising "Through The Rain", it looked as though Mariah had finally got her music career back on track. Unfortunately, the album "Charmbracelet" proved to be completely bland, and I don't suppose it really mattered which track she was going to choose as the next single. "Boy (I Need You)" uses the high-pitched sample from Cam'ron's "Boy", which was good on that song, but not so good on this one. I think Mariah should admit that this isn't really her thing, and go back to the days of pop classics and beautiful ballads.

* * (Michael)

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