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Released: 19th June 2000.

Damage - Ghetto RomanceFollowing a three year absence, the original Another Level return with a much harder R&B sound to equal the efforts of their American counterparts. The melody is more memorable than the vocals and lyrics, which are a little downbeat to fit the dark style of the track. Older R&B fans will love it, but the young audience they attracted first time around may not be so impressed. But then I'm guessing that's the point.

* * * * (CJB)

Damage return after a few years away with a sound they were pretty obviously going to end up doing. This is a very American-style R&B song, with hard beats and a mildly catchy tune - except it's not half as good as what some American artists are doing. You'd have thought they could come up with something a bit better and more unique after all their time off.

* * (Tom Hall)

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