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Released: 21st April 2003.

Billy Crawford - You Didn't Expect ThatAfter three failed attempts at cracking the UK chart, the long haired ex-muppet returns. No, we didn't expect that. For those who don't remember Mr Crawford (and I don't blame you for erasing him from your memory), Billy Crawford was set to be the next big thing back in 1998, until, well, he wasn't. Now with the dire hippy hair gone, it looks like he can finally be taken seriously on this Craig David-esque R&B anthem. OK, so he's not quite ready to set the world alight, but this is a decent attempt nevertheless.

* * * * (SholasBoy)

After failing with his first attempt "Urgently In Love" when he was just 16, Billy Crawford is back in the UK with a second chance of chart success. Now 20, he's changed his image, and his music has matured considerably. The first track from his second album "Ride" is a funky slice of American style pop. He's recently been touring with Liberty X across the UK, which no doubt will have grabbed him some new fans, but I feel there's something missing from the project. This will probably mean that although the Top 20 isn't out of reach, it won't be long till he's down the pop toilet again.

* * * (Ben Cook)

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