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Released: 26th May 2003.

Jemini - Cry BabyIt may be the only song ever to have come 26th in the Eurovision Song Contest, but I still love it! Whatever the reason for it not scoring a single point in Riga, I reckon it's still a catchy, fun record. Chris Cromby and Gemma Abbey met at Liverpool's Starlight Stage School, and for the last few years have been touring the country, waiting for their big break. It's a shame that they've kind of blown their chances, but with a bit of luck this could still go Top 30.

* * * * (Ben Cook)

There seems to be a pattern emerging with the UK's Eurovision entries. Every two years there's a great song, with a boring song the year after. So after last year's brilliant entry by Jessica Garlick - we have of course followed it up with this awful mess! Jemini sound like they're ten years behind everyone else in terms of music, with a song that sounds like something Steps would have rejected. I didn't think this would do much at the Eurovision, and is it turned out, it came last! Don't worry though, there'll be a good Eurovision entry next year.

* (Dazzle)

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