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Released: 9th June 2003.

Christina Aguilera - FighterCan Christina do no wrong at the moment? After the heavy sounds of "Dirrty" and the ballad "Beautiful", Christina shows her rocky side on this excellent choice of single from the "Stripped" album. This song can be described as an anthem, and will no doubt go down as one of her classic singles. Christina's voice sounds as brilliant as ever on "Fighter", while the weird video helps make this a perfect song. It looks like Christina could be getting her third No. 1 in a row!

* * * * * (Dazzle)

The third single from the rather excellent album "Stripped" prides itself in power, as with most of Christina's back catalogue. However, the sound "Fighter" emits is slightly too formulaic and polished, given the emotional content of the song, which Christina impressively wrote herself. Nevertheless, her vocals are probably finer than they've ever been before on "Fighter", helping her to further differentiate herself from her rivals.

* * * * (Paul Matthews)

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