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Released: 26th June 2000.

Vengaboys - Uncle John From JamaicaOh no, here we go again. Do I really need to tell you how awful this is? If you must know, go and listen to one of their other singles. But if, like me, you'd find putting yourself through such a thing totally unbearable, the following words might give you an idea: tacky, pre-packed, boring, meaningless, and of course, very annoying!

* (DS)

The previous Vengaboys singles were appallingly laughable, but at least they were catchy. This one, however, struggles big time, and even the lyrics are below their usual standard. Expect to hear this in every club, pub, beach, shopping centre, radio station and God knows where else. Hopefully not on your hi-fi though.

* (Aneta Janssen)

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