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Released: 30th June 2003.

Yes, this is a tacky Northern trance cover of the Air Supply hit from 1981. Groan. However, I think they've done quite a nice job of this. I have no objections with covering classic records, just as long as it's done properly. This isn't likely to do well as DJ Sammy's recent covers, but it deserves to do better than most of the appalling reworkings we've had to put up with recently. "All Out Of Love" seems to work as a dance record, and 23-year-old Natalie Rossi from Essex performs the track very well. She clearly has some sort of voice, as opposed to the busty blondes that give the genre a bad name.

* * * * (Ben Cook)

What do you get if you cross Jan Wayne with a downloaded midi-file and throw in a softcore porn video? Foundation it would appear. This offering is a piano-led trance cover of Air Supply's cracking 80s power ballad of the same name. Admittedly, this will never win any prizes for originality or fantastic production, but as appalling covers go, it has its charms. The chiming pianos interspersed with that pumping Jan Wayne-esque beat certainly gives it a party feel, and there are definitely worse vocalists out there than Natalie Rossi. Let's just hope there isn't a follow up!

* * * (Dave_2002)

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