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Released: 30th June 2003.

The Fame Academy students may not be breaking records like the Pop Idol lot did last year, but arguably they've come up with some better material. Sinéad Quinn writes all her own songs and plays the piano, guitar and the mandolin, but her greatest asset is her gravelly rock chick voice! "What You Need Is..." is the follow up to "I Can't Break Down" which, despite going to No. 2, never really took off. Her second single is a lot more rockier than the first, with a catchy chorus and a clever lyric, but has had very little support. It seems that nobody really wants to give Sinéad the chance she deserves, and sadly it might not be long until she fades into obscurity.

* * * * * (Ben Cook)

After the amazing debut "I Can't Break Down" comes the second offering from Fame Academy runner up Sinéad Quinn, and it's just as good as its predecessor! "What You Need Is..." is a funky slice of rock/pop with fantastic lyrics, accompanied by a splendid guitar riff. Of course, Sinéad's unique voice adds to the mix. If her debut is anything to go by, this should get a deserved Top 5 position, and I for one hope it does.

* * * * (Tiger)

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