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Released: 3rd July 2000.

Atomic Kitten - I Want Your LoveAmongst a mass of Spice Girl wannabes, Atomic Kitten rise above the competition with ease. Their third single is a bit more dancey and uses some well known samples sure to grab the public's attention. The lyrics obviously didn't require brain surgery to write, but turn it up loud and you'll get the full, atomic effect. These loud-mouthed scousers have gone and done it again, so watch out Spicies, they >will have a go because they're definitely hard enough!

* * * * (CJB)

More disgustingly happy, cheesy and poppy stuff from Atomic Kitten. Granted, they're better than Girl Thing (who isn't?), but they're not very high up on my list of favourite groups. This song isn't really an improvement on the last two, but the video's a lot better.

* (Tom Hall)

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