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Released: 7th July 2003.

Avril Lavigne can do no wrong at the moment. After three massive Top 10 hit singles and a No. 1 album, Avril releases another track from the excellent "Let Go". "Losing Grip" is her rockiest single to date. While it lacks the instant appeal of the previous singles, the song is still another great track which showcases Avril's talent. With songs like this, there's no doubt that she can continue the huge amount of success she has at the moment.

* * * * (Dazzle)

More pop/punk from the pint-sized Canadian rocker. This time Avril Lavigne is moaning "You weren't there when I was scared, When I was so alone", but her teenage angst act is one of the least convincing seen for some time. Which is a bit of a problem, because "Losing Grip" is grungier to reflect her dark mood, yet it sounds incredibly generic. Given that there are far better teenage angst songs to choose from (hell, even Avril Lavigne has written some of them), it's hard to recommend this.

* * (Ryan King)

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