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Released: 3rd July 2000.

Precious - It's Gonna Be My WayFollowing their Britney soundalike hit "Rewind", Precious have decided to go down the R&B route with their third single. Though they are unlikely to match the likes of the Honeyz, what could easily have been a disaster has actually turned out pretty damn fine! The impact may not be immediate but the hot video will sort that out!

* * * * (CJB)

After a stunning second single, this R&B fivesome return with a relatively weak follow up. It looks like EMI are trying to fill the space left after dropping Eternal, and though the girls' last offering, "Rewind", worked perfectly, "It's Gonna Be My Way" sounds more like a B-side than a single. Hopefully they'll have a better card to play next time.

* * * (DS)

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