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Released: 18th August 2003.

Jewel has never made it big in the UK, but "Intuition" could well be her first hit over here. This first single from her dance/pop album "0304" shows a big departure from her usual acoustic songs. Beginning with the sound of a French accordion, "Intuition" is a fun and catchy pop record that's perfect for summer. Its laid-back and playful verses explode into an uplifting and dancey chorus, completed by Jewel's sensual vocals. She still possesses clever lyrical skills (and she's done an equally clever video), so it's safe to say Jewel sounds much better now that she's dancing!

* * * * * (Xevi)

2003 is shaping up to be quite a comeback year, and this single fits snugly into that category. Jewel was once a very successful folk/pop singer (more so outside the UK), but recently started to fade away - this marks her welcome return. From her new studio album, this is the first track. Lead by French horns and accordions and equipped with infectious lyrics, it's one of the better songs of this year. If only it was promoted properly, it could become a Top 5 hit.

* * * * * (Tiger)

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