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Released: 10th July 2000.

Christina Aguilera - I Turn To YouAnyone who's heard the original All 4 One version of this track will have already given Christina's recording a big thumbs-up. She manages to breathe life and power into it, proving that she's not just another US female teen singer. And with a voice like Christina's, don't expect her to leave the music business anytime soon. This latest single is a very strong ballad which suits her voice very well and deserves to be twice as popular as any one of her previous hits.

* * * * * (DS)

Christina falls victim to the third single = ballad formula with the beautiful I Turn To You. Writer and queen of ballads, Diane Warren, says she felt this song was perfect for Christina and I certainly have to agree. Though it may lack the originality of her previous hits, her vocals are breathtaking and packed with emotion. Comparisons with Britney will have to end after this!

* * * * * (CJB)

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