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Released: 10th July 2000.

'N Sync - I'll Never Stop'N Sync are always out to prove they're not copying the Backstreet Boys, and they've done pretty well by releasing one of the best R&B albums of this year. Unfortunately they've just ruined all that effort by releasing the weakest song on the album, which has a Backstreet Boys sound and a video just like "The One". Still, I can't help but like the song.

* * * * * (Tom Hall)

I seem to have heard this song somewhere before... or maybe it's just that it sounds a lot like their last single, "Bye Bye Bye". If that wasn't enough, it looks like 'N Sync's record company cut the budget on the video too, which is at best, extremely poor! Something for the big fans only, but for the rest, get the first single instead. You probably won't even notice the difference!

* * * (DS)

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