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Released: 17th July 2000.

Louise - 2 FacedThe original Princess of Pop returns on top form ready to reclaim her crown! It would have been so easy for Louise to come back with a Britney/Billie cloned track but I'm delighted to say that "2 Faced" is a million miles away. Sure, it's pop and delivers the same kind of impact, but it's much more mature. Listening to this, it's like she's never been away, and I'm sure the UK will have no choice but to agree. Welcome back ma'am!

* * * * * (CJB)

After a two year absence from the chart, Louise returns with one of her strongest singles yet. Though not as instantly likeable as previous hits such as "Naked" and "Let's Go Round Again", "2 Faced" makes a pleasant change from the American teen queens ruling the charts at the moment. But is it any good? Well, yes! It's a pop/R&B number in which Louise criticises media luvvies, but in a sexy style. All I can say is welcome back!

* * * * * (David Lucas)

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