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Released: 17th November 2003.

Alex Parks - Maybe That's What It TakesEvery now and again, a fresh and individual voice breaks free from all the talent programmes, and this young lady is one of them. On first listen, this track comes across as being dull and average, but after several plays, the haunting melody and soulful vocals lure you in to listen again. A possible contender for the Christmas No. 1 in six weeks time, though it WILL be a huge hit next week. I see an artist with longevity ahead - only a select few can successfully perform a rendition of Coldplay's "Yellow".

* * * * * (David Royce)

Fame Academy winner Alex Parks makes her debut with this beautiful ballad. Not too repetitive, you could easily listen to it for hours on end. Having said that, it still seems like there's something missing from the song. Alex's voice is unique and will ensure this is a punk/pop hit amongst teenagers and Fame Academy viewers.

* * * * (Sophie)

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